Coaching Programs


The overarching objective of one-on-one coaching is to meet the specific needs of the client and to help move them forward. One-on-one coaching is the ideal coach and client partnership as it gives space to varied and creative approaches tailored for the individual.

This type of coaching lends itself to the development of SMART goals for an individual who wants to hone specific skills and achieve specific goals, whether personal or professional. It also presents the best opportunity to quickly establish rapport, promoting effective communication and feedback. For anyone who wants to transform themselves and their lives, one-on-one coaching is highly effective.


Group coaching is an efficient and extremely effective partnering approach for those who have a common theme of focus or a common competency they want to achieve. However, participants do not have to achieve the same objective or have the same desired outcome.

In this type of coaching, the group sets the agenda and/or goal(s). This setup fosters an environment where the group thrives from each participant’s knowledge and them sharing their own experience. This allows the participants to gain the “wisdom of the group.” This type of coaching creates unity and is ideal for those who need community as support. It is also economical.


Workshops are often viewed the same as group coaching. The two are fundamentally similar in nature but different in result. While workshops can serve several purposes, they are primarily designed to do three things: 1) to promote quality interactions; 2) to create opportunities to collaborate on solving real life challenges; and 3) to apply newly developed techniques to those challenges.

Workshops are a great way to “coach” organizationally, foster networking opportunities and further enhance interpersonal skills. They are ideal for teams, small businesses, and business professionals looking to partner with professionals in another industry area. Workshops are a great tool for the community and organizational  toolbox.